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Greetings, Salutations and Risibility!!

As my life and the internet both progressed, albeit at different paces, I began my quest for my second Guide Dog at a time when there were not any readily found blogs on the topic.  I’d come a long road in life to reach the point I was ready for Quinn and this blog was initially intended as a means to keep folks informed while I travelled to meet the Mighty One and complete our training together.
If you seek the ancient archives you’ll find the tales of meeting Mr. Tail Wagger himself and come to understand a bit about the many aspects which are involved in developing a Guiding Eyes Team.  There really is an impressive amount of work in developing a successful partnership of such life changing significance and the folks reading along suggested to me I might continue going forward.  The occasional insights into the world we share were thought to be worth it and so the blog continues nearly three years later.
Somewhere along the way I applied a lesson I learned from my training with Ostend, my first Guide.  Part of helping our team work is my understanding as best possible Quinn’s interpretation of the various circumstances.  I playfully speak for Quinn  with Tracy and other friends as we go through our lives but the root of this is the very serious undertaking of attempting to understand the challenge and his reasons for various choices so as he Guides me so successfully, I can help Guide him to better achievements as well.  I think Quinn at time may take this approach with me and perhaps more successfully.  Ultimately though the playful part of this has led to a humorous look at times from “Quinn’s” perspective.  So whether the posts are from me or, as is more often the case, from Quinn; there’s a lot of lessons and experiences along our journey.
So please read, enjoy, comment as you wish but most of all I hope you learn a little while you laugh and follow our lives.
Be Well!
& the Mighty Quinn


  1. Sabrina La Fave says:

    Hi Randy and Quinn
    I learned of your goal to hike all the NH Four Thousand Footers from a thread about you on http://www.viewsfromthetop.com

    I think its awesome and I just wanted to introduce myself. I post as Una_dogger on that hiking site, and I have completed the NE115, which includes the Adirondack 46, the New England Four Thousand Footers, the Catskill 4ks, and of course, all the NH peaks.

    My dog, Terra, has also earned her NH patch, and has done extensive hiking and backpacking with me.

    In addition, I was raised by a blind single Mom, who’s first guide dog came from Guiding Eyes!

    So, I have lots of reasons to be interested in your story, and just wanted to say, if you need any trail support, feel free to ask!

    Happy Trails,

  2. Sabrina La Fave says:

    Hey Randy!
    Sorry to have to respond on your blog, but I cleaned out my yahoo mailbox this morning and inadvertently lost your email.

    In any case, I really enjoyed reading your reply and especially loved your summary of Quinn’s first hike. You absolutely have a gift for writing and I hope that you will share that report with the folks on Views from the Top when you get signed on.

    I sent an email to Darren (webmaster) and Dave Metsky (moderator and friend) sponsoring your membership. Now, this could take some time because Darren is notoriously slow on membership sign ups, but watch for an email from Darren at Views from the Top that will detail what you need to do to get signed up.

    I really look forward to following your blog, offering any assistance that I can, and cheering you and Quinn on. I know that you two will make it!!! Terra says “Woof” in agreeement.

    Also, super small world here, my fiance, Michael, was the one who posted about you on Views. He is friends with some friends of yours! Jennifer Tidwell and Jesse Perry. He has not seen either of them for a few years, but stays connected to them via Facebook.

    Happy Trails!

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