Groundhog Day indeed!

November was my last update on here? Really? Fear not though as this
blog has life left and moreso because we’ve now officially moved Dad to
thelaptop in the basement ‘office.’ Converting to a new operating
system, new version of his screen reader (JAWS 12) and even a new email
client (Thunderbird) were all necessary parts of the process. He’s
settled now and this means I should be able to get access more often.
This might even mean the format issues are resolved as we no longer are
bound by outlook express!

All of December and january have passed with us now residing in a very
snowy Groundhog Day in February. We had 8 inches of snow yesterday
though I did get out to the downtown before the storm. Today storm 2 is
predicted to drop over a foot of additional snow upon us and we are
settling in for the day. I admit to a bit of cabin fever…that is right
up until I try to wade through the rather deep drifts of snow in our
back yard or the rest of the world. Sidewalks?!? Those are vastly a
thing of the spring and we are fortunate to have plowed streets most of
the time. Those pesky plows may be the reason we stay inside in storms
since forcing Dad and I over snowbanks the size of Everest (what me
exagerate?!) is simply unsafe. Still I welcome the cleared streets to
resume our activities as soon as possible.

So I owe some updates don’t I? Let’s start with the report that the NH
Chronicle video for us is online and you can find all those gems on the
page of our 2020 Vision Quest so I do suggest you look there to see many
fun offerings about our progress. The home page links directly to some
of the video options and that includes the chronicle piece:

You’ll also find a blog there which often has some interesting features
into which I wriggle myself. This week is about the grooming and that
Cannon mountain mud picture is a clear sign of how much my Dad owes me!
A brief snippet of our talk at Oyster River has some pictures of me
getting a little love, with permission of course!

So I am of course now six yars old, I’ve shared another Christmas, New
Year and even Robert Byrnes night with Dad. We are back to normal work
excepting the impact of the snowpocalypse! I even trudged around the
backyard while Dad explored snow shoes but I’m told I cannot get too
close to him while he’s walking with them. Ultimately most things are
pretty well but I admit to a slight concern for which I’m off to the vet
on Thursday (tomorrow). When I get up my left shoulder is a little
‘hitchy’ to use a technical term. I have just a slight stiffness and it
started with the new year. Rest and relaxation didn’t mjake it better
and neither has an abstinence from Tug of War. As soon as I get walking
or play is suggested I’m instantly better but Dad doesn’t want to take
chances. Wish me luck tomorrow!!

So what else has kept me busy? I attended a retirement party for my
friend Sheba who at 10 years of age decided she’d rather relax from the
working world. I hear she doesn’t always love the staying at home part
but that overall she is and was ready for the life of leisure. At her
party I picked up a few new toys and brought her a few as well including
a squeekie champagne bottle! Good trade since I now have a treat cube
which I love.

Anyhow today is a day for coffee and snowstorm watching by the humans so
let me just say thanks for your patience with my silence and hopefully
I’ll be better. You can certainly check for some regular updates on my
busy world from the Dad viewpoint at our 2020 page!

Hedgie Rules!
Mighty Quinn


  1. Paula Ravaioli says:

    Hello to the beautiful Quinn. SO good to hear from you again and I want to wish you the best of luck at the vet visit tomorrow. Loved spending time with you at the final Pats game and catching up with your Dad. Enjoy your leisure time while it snows – soon you will be out in the sunshine and nice weather. Love you.


  2. Sheba says:

    Just saw your video clip on facebook. So you like to run in the snow too. Let’s play chase… But remember when you are chasing me not to run into me as you run faster than me. After all I am retired now. Retirement has been much fun. I have already killed one squicky duck. But I have three more to go. Don’t always like it when mommy is gone for a long time but she always gives me great hugs when she gets home. Hey I didn’t know you were a Scottish dog too going to Burns nights. Next year we should go together and I will wear my kilt. Lets play chase soon and in the summer when the snow is gone. See you at the Blind Awareness Walk? Sniff Sniff, Sheba.

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