Dog Days of November!

Today my twitter account (MightyQuinn54) told me it was ‘dog day’ at Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Yorktown heights,
New York. Yes of course I use twitter for the quick news sharings and a little community building. Plus it is far
easier to wrestle the cell phone away from Dad than the computer these days. Anyhow, dog day is the day new students
get to meet the prospective Guides with whom they will be matched. It’s a lot of excitement for all involved as three
days of dogless time is rough on the students with so many curiosities about how you’ll meet. Effectively it’s
E-Harmony for the Guide World and obviously a double blind date!

Dad and I hit and passed our four year anniversary together in Nashua on November 5. We did celebrate though I didn’t
get on to post despite my best intent. It’s been the usual blend of interesting and busy so I’ll try to catch you up a

Dod gays is a double entendre yet again since we are in a sort of Doldrums which would do the Phantom Tollbooth proud
for our literary listeners. On 11/11 Dad decided to ‘celebrate’ the one month advanced warning of my Birthday (hint
hint!) by leaving me behind as he went into the hospital for a surgery. Yes he’s fine and healing well but a long
nagging umbillical hernia had been growing with our various exertions of the summer and repair was necessary. He came
home to the appropriate amount of wriggling enthusiasm to ensure he knew how much I dislike him being away from my
watchful care. He has been very subdued since then with only a pair of walks the last two days – yesterday finally
reaching 1 mile which is almost respectable. Worse than the absence of real walks has been the very limitted play and
absolutely no tug of war. He says no lifting or exerting for something crazy like six weeks so I am absolutely
recruiting Birthday surrogate Tug o’ War partners! Any takers? Pretty please? Pretty please with Hedgie or Tennis Ball
on top??!

The day before surgery we did a little travel on our old friend Pack Monadnock. NH Chronicle filmed us a couple of
times and that day Paul and Jennifer were just fun as we shared the experience of a little work on the trail. We didn’t
do too much though I was ready and hope the camera catches my best side. We think the piece will air around November 29
or 30 but we’ll know for certain soon and share the news here.

They also caught us at the Hollis Upper Middle School where we did a presentation for grades 4-6. It was a fun trip
though I didn’t get to showcase my talents much at the school and there were so many kids I couldn’t say hello to them
all. Perhaps we’ll get to visit them again someday. Dad says we are going to be making a lot more school trips in the

Speaking of that I did get to visit the Memorial school in Bedford for a new crew of fourth graders. I love our trips
there and they seem to enjoy having us present twice each year. We are missing a bit of school time while Dad heals but
a trip to Dover is slated for December 15 when he’s hopefully further along the healing and I’ll be four days into my
sixth year if I haven’t mentioned that yet! 😉

Between now and then we have the big Annual meeting for NHAB where I’m on the cover of their Annual report and we are
presenting to everyone. That’s this Thursday (tomorrow) and Friday to celebrate my friend Rich is taking us to the Hall
at Patriot Place for a special tour of the museum guided by John Hannah. Dad says he’s in the pro-football Hall of Fame
as probably the greatest Guard in the history of the NFL. I wonder if I’ll get acknowledged as the greatest Guide –
probably not since it’s Ostend’s picture with Dad in the Hall of Fame in Canton! Anyhow, great afternoon with Rich is
on the way. Saturday we may make our first trip to UNH to see their final football game of the season and visit with
Brent Bell (Beth and Holden as well). Good teaser for our Sunday trip to Foxboro to battle the Colts who beat us on my
first game ever for which I’ve never really had proper revenge. So that’s part of the busy anyhow.

Meanwhile life is pretty good excepting my youthful desire to get in more work and play. I’m hopeful Dad let’s us take
a trip downtown next Tuesday just to give me some work and to let us appreciate the pre-Thanksgiving push. I promise
to only pull on the harness if I absolutely need to get him quickly out of some location.

So well wishes to you all and see you in a week or so when my annual thanksgiving post is sure to arrive. Plus I still
haven’t told you that Powderhouse sent us a copy of the pilot they sent to Animal Planet which sadly is not expected to
air before the new year :( It’s internal use only but it’s pretty fun – Ethan was very good and of course aside from
the bog bridge mud bath scene I looked great! Any questions for me?

Mighty Quinn


  1. Kevin Green says:

    Quinn, I will happily play Tug with you, while I am sure I cannot replace your Dad I have been know to do some tugging in my time! I can also throw in possible fun times with a blonde and a burnette, if you can play in our fenced in yard within the rules?

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