I’m a Canidae Celebrity?!

Sure Tracy is now Mom officially and Dad is now hitched officially but I’m a Canidae Celebrity:
Guide Dog “Quinn” Helps Blind Hiker Scale Mountains

It’s a pretty amazing article from the people who make my food. Now maybe they’ll send me some free samples?! 😉

I do want to give a wedding update but there was so much which took place. I’ll start with our trip to the Margate
Hotel to check in, let me scout the room location and then travel to the boat to practice the wedding. This was mostly
boring but reminded me of the challenges of leading Dad on a ship – even a big 1254 person ship. The good news is only
200 or so were at the wedding which was a little easier to manage except they all were going to pile onto the main deck
and fill up all the spaces.

We all went out to a restaurant with a cool piano player to celebrate the best man’s Birthday as well as settle some
pr-big day jitters for Mom and Dad. This was fun but the real fun was my sleeping in a giant circle of folks at a
lounge allocated just to us back at the Margate. They played “Catch Phrase” with a crew of 20 or so folks and the
laughter never stopped. It’s easy to sleep to Dad’s laughter.

The next morning was Rehearsal brunch, gift sharing and of course more nervousness from Mom and Dad who practiced their
vows all morning. Then the Ladies tended preparations while the men went…to an arcade?!? This did set up the bumber
car missin for post wedding but Dad playing Whack-a-mole (gator), basketball, skeet, driving games and of course a
boxing game (knocking out groomsman Chris) hardly seems the ideal way to prepare for a wedding. I still think the
commuity ticket pooling and ‘Tracy gift’ purchase from an arcade was very risky business!
A little flurry of dressing time worry for Dad and pictures were begun. This was crazy time and I was in my tux
fitting fine and feeling well. I especially loved making Tracy nervous as I led Dad along a dock edge! Things went
fast and Dad was very nervous so I had to be extra careful with him. On the boat my tux was off and I got a break but
when they tried to put it back on me – ouch- it caught in my fur and I said no thank you. Up to the arbor where
contraband petting from Uncle Ray was noted but ignored. Cool lake, 200 friends and family, foliage, mountains and Dad
and Tracy in love as the sun neared setting. Yes they did get wed at precisely 5:40 and yes they were cute in their
nervousness. Dad did sing Annie’s song with a few word revisions and then up to the top deck for greeting and
sunsetting! It was a beautiful sunset with light clouds going through the hues to light fire to the sky as it set.

Dinner, dancing, toasts and laughter. The rings from Rachel designed by Mom and Dad for them were amazing. Tracy cannot
believe how good the cake looked and an edible QUinn complete with Tug Toy was there courtesy of Jeff and Deb’s amazing
Cake creations. In short a boring night under the table for me until the walk out and perilous bumper car ride for
which Varju/Sarah watched me as I watched in horror at Dad’s ‘driving!’

Then a night at the bonfire with a Shelia and Cathy blanket to keep me warm…otherwise a ho-hum normal weekend. Sorry
for the typo approach but I have to rush this as the folks at 2020 vision quest are all about their final big event of
the season – check them out at:


Mighty Q

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  1. Quinn, the wedding sounds wonderful, and you’ve described it so well! Congrats to Randy and Tracy, and of course to you for your newfound celebrity status! LOL.

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