Wedding Bells!

Yes I’m delinquent again but with the impending wedding of Mom (!) and Dad on the morrow it’s been tough to get
computer time. Hard to believe that as we approach my fourth anniversary with Dad, he’s approaching his zero
anniversary with Tracy! I met Dad on October 19 and here he is, with me as best dog, preparing for his wedding. It’s
amazing how much has transpired since we’ve been together. I’ve put my full paw stamp of approval on the wedding and
look forward to celebrating with them and many friends and family.

I probably should be providing some tales of our many recent adventures but Dad is pushing for me to pack up some toys
for the trip and get ready to depart. So let me just wish both my Dad and Mom a hearty congratulations on their
wedding. We already have a tremendously happy family here and while their ceremony will be moving in all that mushy
loving way, I really think everything remains the same as well. We have a loving happy home with plenty of play and
lots of play and fun between all of us. I’m one proud and lucky pup!

So as Canadian Thanksgiving gets celebrated, Columbus Day or just the foliage delights – think of a well wish nearly as
strong as mine for our happy family union this Sunday!

the Mighty Quinn

PS Happy Birthday Rob Webber – Best Man perhaps but I’m still holding him accountable for the Zip line and Rope course
peril of two weekends ago!

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