Holy Missing Months!

Dad listens to a song entitled “End of the Summer” a fair bit and particularly at this time of year since indeed our
summer is slipping into history. We’ll hold off our nostalgia for a few more weeks when Autumn really inspires but
having been a month (almost) in the posting of an entry, I figure I should do some reflection.

Hiking updates are usually found out on our still developing 2020 vision Quest website and as such I’ll keep them
minimal here. I will say that our new video loads on the front page and is pretty marvelous. The long form is now in
our possession and will be available to you very very soon! It’s yet another chance to see my work in some inspiring

Since Mt. Washington there has been a lot of excitement around here. I’ve led Dad successfully up Mt Hale, Tom, Field
and even a jaunt up Cannon with a film crew doing a very different and very cool project. The details are still secret
on that point but if all goes well I may get some major television time!! Sadly some of that Cannon film will be of
Dad pushing me into the quagmire at the Lonesome Lake Bog bridges. He says it was an accident but good luck to him when
we repeat our Cannon ascent in the future as the film crew involvement meant we could not descend. They realize now how
legitimate our challenge and work has become! Most of the crew had to bail out and take the tram to meet us at the
summit but what a great group of folks! I’ll post more when the details can be released.

We actually had even bigger news as Dad and Tracy took me to ride the MS Mt. Washington and while there decided the
offer was good we would return and repeat a cruise on October 10 of this year. This time the trip would be all formal
and as Dad said he would make tracy legitimately his future ex-fiance! A wedding on the ship in the full splendor of
fall foliage aboard this fun ship with mountains surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee! Yeah that’s not a sentence but I’m
excited so forgive me! I loved the ship and feeling the breeze with a schmorgasboard of scents abounding. We even had
fireworks as we docked and I wagged intensely as I studied the sky and excitedly nudged Dad to tell him about it.

As you might guess the wedding work in addition to the 2020 work has meant way less time for me to use the computer.
I’ll try to wrangle it from him more often but in the meanwhile will keep using my twitter account to keep more regular

Life is good and I’m a happy and energetic Quinn ready to return to all things fall: visits to schools, cool morning
walks and of course football!

So – anyone still out here after my hiatus? Drop me a yop comment or send me email:


  1. Sarah says:

    Miss you guys! My year’s obligation is almost complete, and I look forward to catching up with ya’ll!
    – Sarah and Mr. B.

  2. Paula says:

    WELCOME BACK – I’ve missed your blogs terribly!!!!!! So glad to hear everyone is doing well and so happy to hear the ‘wedding’ news. XOXOXO to the Mighty One.
    Love, Paula

  3. Laura says:

    I’ve missed your blogs Quinn – especially since I’m not on Facebook or Twitter!!! Keep taking good care of the Big Guy on the trail! Look forward to seeing you again someday!
    ~Laura (yep, that Steelers fan!)

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