Mile High Mayhem

Good Morning!

It’s Wednesday and I’m preparing for my stint on WOKQ this morning – and of course the Q is for Quinn! The Morning
crew invited us to join them at 8:40 and with all the hub-bub of the 2020 Vision Quest we’ve been getting plenty of
press. From that fantastic piece on WBZ TV:

This video features me extensively and why not!? In just four days we’ll be hiking up the slopes of Mount Washngton to
hopefully summit appropriately enough on Independence Day. Probably most dogs would find this no mean feat but when
you have to take responsibility for the well being of the blind part of our partnership, it’s impressively
daunting.There is plenty of video and pictures for my work on our climbing thus far and two themes are going to be
evident. The first is how much I love my work and take pride in our accomplishments. The second is my intense look of
conventration at every point. I really take my job seriusly and have as one of my strengths tremendous ability to
focus. Now I don’t want to hurt my elbow patting myself on the back but I thought it fair to highlight what you might
see. After all a Guide Dog is often called a Seeing Eye Dog even if they have the trademark for that in New Jersey.
Point is there is lots of media out there and more coming so please take a look at my resume and drop me a line.

So our website is really pretty well launched at this point. If you search around:
you will likely find many gems with more to come steadily. There is even a rival blog there and my first post is
expected to arrive upon it this week. It has a lot of guest writers and I’m going to be one of them. Fear not though
I am not leaving my primary blog! I’m told on that page I have to mostly keep it on topic for the big project but hear
I have freedom. Yep freedom like Robin Williams rolling on his back in the grass in the Fisher King…at least I think
that was the movie but since I wasn’t born then give me a little slack here.

So we also had a great piece on WZID last Sunday morning and that may appear on our site in the next few days as well.
The Nashua Telegraph and I became good friends with a long piece set to air on the day we hit Mount Washington, Sunday
July 4! The Monadnock Ledger gave us some page 2 props and Ability Magazine has a three page add (on page 54 no less)
to highlight my work. It’s a lot of attention and hopefully our project and my work are well worth it. As you can
see from all of this, I’m one busy dog and I hope you all understand why I’ve been a little slower to post again. My
goal of a post each week returns after our Washington trip so watch for it and in the meanwhile check out 2020 Vision
Quest’s page where you can get a more steady update of our progress.

Did I mention we are doing a presentation at the Highland Center on Friday? Phew!

Mighty WOK Quinn!

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  1. Melissa says:

    I just saw the Nashua Telegraph video. It was great! It’s so cool seeing you in action together — what a team! I was most impressed with just how much joy and pride clearly radiated from Quinn — he was wagging nonstop and clearly was loving every minute of what was just as equally clearly incredibly challenging work. Wow! What a dog!

    Despite the video pretty much being all about how amazing Quinn is, I was of course really impressed with the courage and ability of the human half of the dynamic duo, too. I hope one of these days we can join you on a lesser hike and see the the great team in action in person!

    I see you guys are back now — huge, epic congratulations on your mighty feat, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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