Teva Blogs too!?!

Tuesday already? Where did last week go for this busy pup who had a final day of UNH pemi trip to finish amongst the
many other worldly details? For that matter perhaps I better skip the word detail having heard about the poor Doberman
world of de-tail!

The truth of my delays is Dad has been entirely hogging the computer time for his own purposes. He did upload a
blog/video blog for Teva and it can be found at:

It talks about our Saturday trip with Kim, Todd, John and of course Tracy. We went back to Pack-Monadnock, the
Mountain upon which I made my first Mountain Hiking lead for Dad. We were already well ahead of the last year climb
in efficiency as back then I had to make it up as we went. Now I’m a little more experienced and Dad’s starting to
understand me more fully on the mountains. We were faster and with fewer challenges by far and that despite a steady
rain which began shortly after we started and lasted until we ended our trip (it figures!). I could and should say a
lot more about the hike since the video cast showcases only me in the back of the Saturn View as Dad put on my boots
and talked a little about the return to the Beginning. Once we hit the rain there was no photography or video work
being done.

I will say I was one wet dog when we hit the shelter atop the mountain. I was still proud of my work though since Dad
didn’t have any slips on the wet rocks which added to the challenge. John had asked if the slippery rocks would make
me change my decisions and I showed him very clearly the answer was yes. I think I earned my kibble for sure even
though at the top of the mountain the group decided to take the road off the mountain and we cruised it in 20 minutes
of steep but easy walking. We met some folks runnin it and that gave me an idea but Dad did make me keep the speed in
check for all involved. So anyhow, I still think you should check out the Teva site and catch me stylin’ in my boots
even if I do protest for a few minutes every time I have to wear them.

More of Dad’s PC hogging work involved the news that officially today was the contract approval that gives our new
non-Profit Charity Fiscal Sponsorship. This means as of tomorrow morning when the contract is signed the project can
take tax-exempt donations as befits their 501-C-3 status. It’s big news for him but as it’s an all vollunteer
organization I don’t get to score extra Charlee Bears or anything. Still if you haven’t been to our site it’s worth
making the trip to:

So how about I quickly recount the final day of our Pemigewasset Wilderness hike. We woke early and I had used my
sleeping bag for the first and only time on the warm weather trip. There are photos of me, mostly nose only, using the
sleeping bag. If you want to see those I suggest you go check out Dad on facebook and you’ll eventually find your way
to those pictures. Yes Dad now has a facebook account which is probably another reason the computer time was more
restricted for me! So we woke and with amazing efficiency packed up everything. This was made more efficient by the
choice to not boil water or run the cook stoves at all. Folks were effectively out of the Woods and they knew it. We
met the van with only minimal coordination difficulties as cell pones weren’t getting signal for everyone in the area.
Matt picked us up and the gear was all loaded while a final tick check found a dog tick on Dad. Brent took care of it
and since it wasn’t a deer tick there’s no big worry for him. I think I’ll be happier about my Front Line treatments
in the future as I remained tick free! On the van ride back we did get stopped by Border patrol who apparently do this
blockade on Memorial Day weekend every year. They needed to inspect the van so it was good that Matt recalled to warn
them so they weren’t surprised by my sleeping location between Dad and the double doors! They let us pass with ease
and soon we had Dunkin Donuts for Dad and restrooms for all who wished them – me included.

Back at UNH gear was collected and cleaned while I napped out in the sun. Tracy arrived, everyone said farewell and
there was a little sadness knowing that group was unlikely to ever travel together again. We had gone through so much
together that didn’t seem right. Still some of them will hopefully make a few future hikes with us.

My journey didn’t end there though. Instead of going home as a reasonable person might, Dad had made arrangements to
drive to Hampton BBeach and meet up with our friend Kathy from Colorado. Every memorial day she takes the polar plunge
into the Atlantic’s icy waters. Fortunately Dad did not want my paw having to deal with sand or salt and he did the
plunge with her and Tracy but not with me. I personally thought they were crazy but they seemed to have fun and salt
water Dad was better than six days of hiking Dad in the olfactory department!! They talked a lot more and still got me
and my paw home to fully heal in a day of rest over the long Memorial Day weekend.

That’s sort of an anticlimactic end to the Pemigewasset trip. Still I think the videos and stories tell a quality
tale. I’m sorry there weren’t more comments but it was quality news and I’m gearing up for my next big hiking reports.
Dad says we are going to hike Canon in a couple of weeks as our final tune up for Mount Washington which is in just 19
days from today! You’ll always get to catch my blogs here and also I’ll be writing on the 2020 blog to be released
soon though I have to talk only about 2020 things when I do that. I’m letting Dad handle all the Teva blogs but they
will have many cool pictures and vids of me so I’ll let you know when those come around.

Last shout out to my many friends on Twitter where my friends list includes many pups and people as we expand our
community. Check us out when you can!

The Mighty Quinn

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