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I had the ultimately good fortune to spend four hours up in Concord with both Dad and Tracy this week. We were there
being represented by James Fox of the Disability Rights Center. As some of you may know the NH Department of Human
Services had given probably cause and was hosting a concillatory pre-hearing for the issue of the Grand Buffett denying
me access to their restaurant on July 5, 2007. They had suggested on that swelterring hot day that Dad simply put me
in the car – fortunately Dad knows better though sadly dogs are left in cars in hot weather way too often still :(

Anyhow Dad had requested that the Grand Buffett should pay for training to ensure their employees and establishment
fully understood the laws involved and could hopefully thereby prevent such discrimination ever again. This is done
typically by Kathy Gips:

The host had claimed he had health services approval to not allow Service Animals and would not acknowledge the A.D.A.
which federally mandates my access. He would not take any actin to acknowledge the laws on the card Dad carries nor to
call any of the agencies involved. Instead after much pressure and acknowledging Dad would still file a report, the
Grand Buffett ‘allowed’ us to sit n the bar and have others get food from the other room. This was at the time a
smoking bar which didn’t please Grammy but we wanted proof of our presence and so ate there despite the entire
unpleasant aspect of the experience.

Having declined Dad’s request in advance all of us sat in a conference room in Concord to prepare for the reality of a
hearing. Given their stance Dad increased his request at the hearing to include a $1000.00 donation to NHAB as a Good
Faith demonstration they understand the challenge faced by the blind community with such access violations. Had it
gone to a hearing there would have been the option for up to $10,000.00 in a fine, $10,000 in award to Dad for “Pain
and SUfferring” from the experience and of course the standard “Cease and Desist” for the discrimination as well as
Educational training. The great news is that the owner acknowledged the impropriety of the employee who no longer
works there, agreed to all the concillatory terms and will have a plan for follow up with the state to ensure all the
things happen within a timeline set on that date. It was a great victory!

Clouding that victory is the recollection that in our Avenue Q trip we did get denied service by a taxi until Dad
determinedly explained the law and the risk to the driver’s license should he fail to accept us. Similarly in our
weekend trip to Colebrook, Tracy and Dad were turned down from the Mohawk Cottages because the woman managing claimed
to not know the law and not want us there either way. When pressed she cited allergy concerns while holding her long
haired cat who I was appropriately ignoring. We will follow up there later but didn’t push that evening as we had a
priority schedule that didn’t need the challenge that night.

Last Friday, May 7, Dad and I took his Second Degree Black Belt test together. My part was to lay on his sparring gear
and food/water supplies while he worked hard on the floor with the other folks testing for various Black Belts, mostly
first degree. When it came time for the run it was my time to shine as Dad put me in harness and let me lead him on
the run. When he took his first degree he used a person to guide him as Ostend and he hadn’t developed the running
option which I can do with Dad. We were awesome and flawless along the route and gave support as well as received
support from our community of Belt Candidates. I admit that sitting in the field in the shade while Dad worked was the
easier part but folks were absolutely amazed at my Discipline. If only Dad would have let me run water out to him. He
did at least make sure I got mine and my relieve! Do check out our various pages and if you get to youtube you can
even see Dad’s Board Break which wasn’t so bad!

I did get my first trip to Dad’s second hometown of Colebrook, NH. We went up to celebrate the Birthday of one Tracy
“Mom” GOyette as adverised on my Twitter account. Beaver Brook Falls was still beautiful, the Balsams, Table Rock and
all of Dixville notch were nice but it was snowing our entire trip and on May 9 that’s just strange. We did get to
meet Gail Nugent, Scott her son and many other folk on our journey north. I even got to see the farm where Dad spent
some key growing up years. It was a relaxing trip if a bit boring since the high winds and snow kept us from making
the hike up there. A return trip will be required.
Speaking of hikes, while I don’t usually like boots, there are some mountains which require it and here’s some quality
boots (Thanks Sabrina!) and other fun dog hiking

They have a lot of cool things on their site including this pup friendly hiking map for the Northeast:

Last quick note is that we did an interview with Tracy Caruso of WZID (Manchester) and it will air tomorrow (Sunday)
Morning. Check us out as we announce Beatle-Juice for next Friday. In fact, why not call NHAB or the Palace theater
and come out and join us for this great Beatles band which also is raising money for NHAB.

Oh…really the last thing, if you are thinking about that last notion of raising money for NHAB, the June 5 Blind
Awareness Walk is rapidly approaching and I definitely need more people on my team and sponsorring us. Please check
out our link if you can/want to help!

Mighty Quinn

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  1. Stefani says:

    Dear Quinn,
    Nice job with your dad and mom this past weekend. I miss playing with you! We need to see each other soon!!!!
    Love and Licks,

    PS…Congrats Randy on your victories AND your engagement and Tracy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Stef and Ralph

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