Springing into the Hiking Season!

Things are pretty active around the homestead here and I’m going to catch you up on a multi-day tour that was pretty
impressive. So Saturday before last we loaded into the car and headed otu to Pack Monadnock to shoot some pictures and
video. Unfortunately there was an accident on route 101 and we high-tailed it back to Mine’s Falls park to do the
work. Dad’s GPS system for the blind was a bit spotty because sadly the company has announced their intent to
terminate the product which will eventually impact service fully as Wayfinder Access fails him. I guess we better
start looking seriously for a workable blind accessible GPS solution soon.

Sunday we hosted a BBQ at the house and invited the folks working the 2020 Vision Quest project to just enjoy some
social time. I got to play considerable with Zach and Bella in the tennis ball arena while mostly just enjoying the
folks sitting out and soaking up the spring. It was a good segue for our being announced on Monday as the newest Teva
Life agent and they certainly did some homework in their press release which has a lot of interesting links and details
about both Dad, *ME* and the 2020 Vision Quest:

Ultimately though I hope you all get to the Teva page to see our acceptance video and many other details as we get
ready to start sharing our blogs, podcasts, video and more with them out there!

So Tuesday we launched our new web page thanks to some great work by some good friends and we really would love to have
some feedback so how about taking a peek at Phase 1 now released:
We are still awaiting some contractual work with NHAB to hopefully finalize the 501-C-3 status which will really
make us fully launch though in the meanwhile there’s some good things going on up there and we could use feedback to
help us shape our plans for the future even further.

Wednesday Dad had his second degree Black Belt pretest. He worked hard and was pretty satisfied. It’s now completely
official that this Friday he’ll be heading into his all day test with me. He already told me I get to lead him on the
run durin gthe test and I’m ready for that for sure.

Thursday morning we did our usual trek into downtown for Karate and Dad stayed for some MMA wrestling work in which he
didn’t fare as well as he’d prefer. Iw atch with concern but keep to my stay in the sunny corner of the Dojo which is
my home.

Friday was a visit from the ladies as John brought up the rarely seen Kira and Lady for some quality play time. We
made a couple of walk routes but nothing extreme. I will say it’s very tempting to relieve when other dogs are doing
this on the walk. Sure Dad and John are bag carrying members of the good citizenship dog walkers but I still know it’
snot the right thing in harness – sigh.

Saturday we were up and out early with me loaded into the back of Tracy’s Orange View and Jenifer riding with us. We
were off to the Welch Dickie Mountains up in Thornton, NH. Packs were loaded with water, food and gear for our journey
and I was pretty excited. We did test out our spot adventures and if you wish to see the Google topo-map journey drop
me a comment or an email and I’ll send you the lik as I’ve loaded up this post with links already. This is a great
loop and it has all sorts of terrain from stream crossings, steep slab scrambles, canyon crawls, steps and oh those
beautiful ledges. We took plenty of pictures and you can probably check them out on our various pages. We even shot a
little video but the highlight of the day if not my super leap over a canyon and onto a slab had to be Dad’s podcast
atop Mt. Welch. The sun parted as he began and while perched precariously for some atop an edge, Dad asked Tracy to
marry him. She said yes emphatically and did not push him off the ledge! It was exciting enough I let slide the lack
of tug-o-war for the summit and made up for it when we crested Dickie’s summit later. Down is always the hardest for
Dad and I generally will show him when it is a step he can manage normally. I stop at the edge and wait for his hiking
pole to tap it then I jump down on the hup-up if it’s easy. If I hestitate or whine he has to sit and step slowly for
the proper management of the next steps. What’s next is always a factor for him since while his pole or hands can
tell him much about the next step, he always has to plan that a step keeps him balanced over tht next step only because
what comes after could be many things for him and there’s no margin for error stepping forward – only back. Now I had
to keep him extra safe for Tracy as well since I absolutely want to be the ring bearer again as I was for Chris and

It was an amazing hike and I wagged my tail so hard the entire time that the winds on Mt. Washington elevated to 95
this week. I was amazingly attentive to Dad and most on the hike will never look at my work quite the same – much as
predicted previously. Does this earn me my way into the Pemi trip? No way – that is decided on the merits of the Pemi
trip on their own with Dad’s safety, my safety and the trip success with minimal variables as essential parts of the
equation. I’m thinking it likely I’m out for that trip which means Dad will certainly have a much harder time being
led even though the humans may not think so. It means Dad will have a bit less feeling of independence and it
absolutely means his pace is slower for much of it. I think he’ll take a few more knocks overall but I’m willing to
accept it might be the right decision for overall reasons. I don’t like it and I want to always be tending his care as
was also evident on this last hike but I’ll accept Dad’s decisions. At least if I stay at home there is a guarantee of
being warm and dry most of the time.

Exciting times with much more still ahead as the tale and tail wags on!

Mighty Quinn



  1. Kimmer says:

    Nice post, Quinn. It was an honor hiking with you this past weekend!


  2. Cathy Stochaj says:

    Quinn, keep up the great work! I know that you will do your job superbly and thus get to be the ringbearer for Tracy & Dad. Some advice, don’t drop the ring, cause they’ll never let you live it down.

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