Vote for me to get a Tug Marathon!?!!

What’s with the Title of this Quinn you might ask? I’m inspired as you
might note from some of the below tales but first the scoop on the
Title. I’ve basically been observing the internet advertising trends and
told Dad I want in on the payoff. We currently have 1123 folks who have
clicked “Like” on our 2020 Vision Quest facebook page. So Dad says if it
gets to 1154 by April 1 that he will ensure I get a five minute tug
session every hour from noon until midnight and that this is no April
Fool’s prank! So help me get this by sending people (and yourselves) to
our facebook page and giving us a Like. It takes less than thirty folks
to get me the Marathon and I’ll write a blog post that weekend WITH

So what has me in a Marathon mood you might ask? Well despite the chilly
temperatures Dad started our solo running officially today. He donned
his Patriot Fleece (despite that whole lock-out mess) and we set off. It
was a good initial run and I never worked up a pant – though truth be
told we dogs pant for heat release not because we run short of breath.
Heat wasn’t a concern so I coasted while Dad on the other hand…well
let’s just say I worked him hard! We did well and there will be many
more daily runs ahead, some shorter and some longer. Why might you ask?

Last year we were the first team, well Guide dog and blind lug, to
undertake the Lowell “Irish Feet are Running” 5 mile road race. This
year with the encouragement of Brent Bell and a couple of UNH classes we
have a different notion. Dad says I have to reinforce the notion of
responsibility with this sharing. The Boston Marathon is on Patriot Day
(of course!) in April. All the official runners will get underway and
make history and shortly after a veritable army of ‘bandits’ will also
run the route. Now some folks don’t like Bandits vastly because an
irresponsible bandit is a problem. They use resources intended for the
runners and worse, some might be in the way of official runners. We are
undertaking several steps to run half of the Boston marathon with
responsibility. We will make a personal donation to the appropriate
organization who provides the race support. We will depart only after
the qualified runners have past and we will do our best to decline any
of those consumable resources for the other runners. There’s more but
I’m just the Guide here so you better watch for Dad’s more official
reports coming soon on that blog they keep. There
are blind runners at Boston but none who use a Guide Dog that we know
about so I may very well be the first and if all goes well…perhaps
next year…you get the idea!

Meanwhile, I took Dad into Boston yesterday. Actually our friend Chad
drove us into Boston but I took over from there. We had an appointment
at Mass General Hospital Genetics in the hopes of figuring out what’s
wrong with Dad. They hope to confirm Mitochondrial Disease but I could
tell them it’s insufficient Tug with Quinn! At the hospital we showcased
the Disappearing Dog trick to rave reviews and a request for an encore.
Basically when Dad sits in waiting room style seating he wants me to get
under the chair to keep me safe from others sitting beside us or walking
in front. He has me sit in front of him and then says “Disappear” which
is my trigger to lay down and back up quickly and thus seemingly vanish.
Folks think it is amazing and I happily did a repeat…with Charlee Bear
rewards of course!
So last note of this quick update. Many folks very kindly gave us help
during the day. Unfortunately many do this by taking action without
asking. It is amazing how often this ‘help’ can be less than ideal. In
the ideal they would ask “Is there a way I could help you” or something
similar. The intent is still appreciated though the results sometimes a
little challenging. One trick of note is when Dad cannot use me, say in
a crowded Doctor exam room, and they want him to sit. They verbally note
a table for him in front and then he reaches forward to find it with his
hand before sitting on it. Unfortunately if it’s just beyond the edge of
his reach, he is fully extended forward when they often grab his arm and
pull him further. Imagine the edge of your reach and balance and then
getting a tug – not pretty! Much easier to let me put my nose on it or
to have them tap it…all of which we could do if they would ask before
doing! This Quinn public service announcement brought to you by the
sponsor a Tug Marathon Society!

International Dog of Adventure and …more

March comes in like a Labrador and goes out like a …? I’ll welcome your suggestions for this but in the meanwhile what a fine February and start to March for us. That shoulder hitch is vastly a thing of the past and I’m feeling Mighty once more. I spent a healthy Valentine’s day with some adventure as I made a snowshoe trip, none for me thanks, with Tracy, Sharon and of course Dad up the famed Pack Monadnock. I wasn’t working as Dad was using the packed snowshoe trail, a pair of hiking poles and Tracy with ringing bells to guide his way. I learned quickly my place was to walk behind Dad and keep enough distance to be safe from the snowshoes. Still this was all the fun of a winter hike with no work!! It brought out the play in me and while Dad didn’t ledt me join his next day’s serious summit attempt of Mt Lafayette in sub zero temperatures (ahhhh the warmth of the homestead instead!), I definitely loved the experience enough that we eventually made a repeat trip up the lonesome lake trail on Cannon Mountain with Tracy, Kevin and of course Dad. Wearing my warm coat from Jennifer I admit to perhaps tearing about in the euphoric appreciation of the great outdoors as you can see here
in my short video clip!!
Quinn Loves Winter Hiking

Hiking aside I attended a great comedy night with a touch of Burlesque to help NHAB raise some money. Many of my favorite humans were there so it was fun for a slightly stepped up night out from our usual. We met Robbie and Brent there as well as Mary, Ken, Kathy, Doreen and a host of other friends. I wasn’t allowed to dress to my dapper best but folks have been suggesting that my more distinguished moments can capture the essence of me quite well. To illustrate this I thought I’d share what we love to call my “International Dog of Adventure” pose from the wedding back in October. Kevin and Heather Green did a pretty amazing job capturing not only the wedding but my more regal presence. I like my tug shaken not stirred please!

In other news, we’ve made it to a few more schools including a UNH class which gave me some campus time. A Scout presentation, Lion’s club presentation with another on March 31 so perhaps March goes out like a Lion??? and perhaps our most important work as I helped Tracy give some family support as we spent time at a Rhode Island Hospital for her Brother-in-law. Things still aren’t settled there but I did my best and think the hospitals have newfound appreciation for my talents. Either way the family support is always an important thing in life!

Speaking of those talents, Dad wrote a 2020 blog article on “Dog Gone Service Animals” which talks about the new ADA definitions becoming official on March 15 of this year. Fear not though my job security
remains high and to that end I think the arrival of spring should be just close enough to get our longer walks back in the swing. If only we could manage some of these challenging water build-ups from the melting! Not sure if Dad will let me run with him this year in the Irish race not too far ahead but I heard a rumor we might do half of the Boston Marathon route! There’s a culture of support in the race for the educated and courteous bandit but we’ll have to do a little more research. For now though let’s get the walking going full force and the running will come!

Be well, wag often and always remember to give your loved ones the greeting they deserve every time you reunite!
the Mighty Quinn

Groundhog Day indeed!

November was my last update on here? Really? Fear not though as this
blog has life left and moreso because we’ve now officially moved Dad to
thelaptop in the basement ‘office.’ Converting to a new operating
system, new version of his screen reader (JAWS 12) and even a new email
client (Thunderbird) were all necessary parts of the process. He’s
settled now and this means I should be able to get access more often.
This might even mean the format issues are resolved as we no longer are
bound by outlook express!

All of December and january have passed with us now residing in a very
snowy Groundhog Day in February. We had 8 inches of snow yesterday
though I did get out to the downtown before the storm. Today storm 2 is
predicted to drop over a foot of additional snow upon us and we are
settling in for the day. I admit to a bit of cabin fever…that is right
up until I try to wade through the rather deep drifts of snow in our
back yard or the rest of the world. Sidewalks?!? Those are vastly a
thing of the spring and we are fortunate to have plowed streets most of
the time. Those pesky plows may be the reason we stay inside in storms
since forcing Dad and I over snowbanks the size of Everest (what me
exagerate?!) is simply unsafe. Still I welcome the cleared streets to
resume our activities as soon as possible.

So I owe some updates don’t I? Let’s start with the report that the NH
Chronicle video for us is online and you can find all those gems on the
page of our 2020 Vision Quest so I do suggest you look there to see many
fun offerings about our progress. The home page links directly to some
of the video options and that includes the chronicle piece:

You’ll also find a blog there which often has some interesting features
into which I wriggle myself. This week is about the grooming and that
Cannon mountain mud picture is a clear sign of how much my Dad owes me!
A brief snippet of our talk at Oyster River has some pictures of me
getting a little love, with permission of course!

So I am of course now six yars old, I’ve shared another Christmas, New
Year and even Robert Byrnes night with Dad. We are back to normal work
excepting the impact of the snowpocalypse! I even trudged around the
backyard while Dad explored snow shoes but I’m told I cannot get too
close to him while he’s walking with them. Ultimately most things are
pretty well but I admit to a slight concern for which I’m off to the vet
on Thursday (tomorrow). When I get up my left shoulder is a little
‘hitchy’ to use a technical term. I have just a slight stiffness and it
started with the new year. Rest and relaxation didn’t mjake it better
and neither has an abstinence from Tug of War. As soon as I get walking
or play is suggested I’m instantly better but Dad doesn’t want to take
chances. Wish me luck tomorrow!!

So what else has kept me busy? I attended a retirement party for my
friend Sheba who at 10 years of age decided she’d rather relax from the
working world. I hear she doesn’t always love the staying at home part
but that overall she is and was ready for the life of leisure. At her
party I picked up a few new toys and brought her a few as well including
a squeekie champagne bottle! Good trade since I now have a treat cube
which I love.

Anyhow today is a day for coffee and snowstorm watching by the humans so
let me just say thanks for your patience with my silence and hopefully
I’ll be better. You can certainly check for some regular updates on my
busy world from the Dad viewpoint at our 2020 page!

Hedgie Rules!
Mighty Quinn

Dog Days of November!

Today my twitter account (MightyQuinn54) told me it was ‘dog day’ at Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Yorktown heights,
New York. Yes of course I use twitter for the quick news sharings and a little community building. Plus it is far
easier to wrestle the cell phone away from Dad than the computer these days. Anyhow, dog day is the day new students
get to meet the prospective Guides with whom they will be matched. It’s a lot of excitement for all involved as three
days of dogless time is rough on the students with so many curiosities about how you’ll meet. Effectively it’s
E-Harmony for the Guide World and obviously a double blind date!

Dad and I hit and passed our four year anniversary together in Nashua on November 5. We did celebrate though I didn’t
get on to post despite my best intent. It’s been the usual blend of interesting and busy so I’ll try to catch you up a

Dod gays is a double entendre yet again since we are in a sort of Doldrums which would do the Phantom Tollbooth proud
for our literary listeners. On 11/11 Dad decided to ‘celebrate’ the one month advanced warning of my Birthday (hint
hint!) by leaving me behind as he went into the hospital for a surgery. Yes he’s fine and healing well but a long
nagging umbillical hernia had been growing with our various exertions of the summer and repair was necessary. He came
home to the appropriate amount of wriggling enthusiasm to ensure he knew how much I dislike him being away from my
watchful care. He has been very subdued since then with only a pair of walks the last two days – yesterday finally
reaching 1 mile which is almost respectable. Worse than the absence of real walks has been the very limitted play and
absolutely no tug of war. He says no lifting or exerting for something crazy like six weeks so I am absolutely
recruiting Birthday surrogate Tug o’ War partners! Any takers? Pretty please? Pretty please with Hedgie or Tennis Ball
on top??!

The day before surgery we did a little travel on our old friend Pack Monadnock. NH Chronicle filmed us a couple of
times and that day Paul and Jennifer were just fun as we shared the experience of a little work on the trail. We didn’t
do too much though I was ready and hope the camera catches my best side. We think the piece will air around November 29
or 30 but we’ll know for certain soon and share the news here.

They also caught us at the Hollis Upper Middle School where we did a presentation for grades 4-6. It was a fun trip
though I didn’t get to showcase my talents much at the school and there were so many kids I couldn’t say hello to them
all. Perhaps we’ll get to visit them again someday. Dad says we are going to be making a lot more school trips in the

Speaking of that I did get to visit the Memorial school in Bedford for a new crew of fourth graders. I love our trips
there and they seem to enjoy having us present twice each year. We are missing a bit of school time while Dad heals but
a trip to Dover is slated for December 15 when he’s hopefully further along the healing and I’ll be four days into my
sixth year if I haven’t mentioned that yet! 😉

Between now and then we have the big Annual meeting for NHAB where I’m on the cover of their Annual report and we are
presenting to everyone. That’s this Thursday (tomorrow) and Friday to celebrate my friend Rich is taking us to the Hall
at Patriot Place for a special tour of the museum guided by John Hannah. Dad says he’s in the pro-football Hall of Fame
as probably the greatest Guard in the history of the NFL. I wonder if I’ll get acknowledged as the greatest Guide –
probably not since it’s Ostend’s picture with Dad in the Hall of Fame in Canton! Anyhow, great afternoon with Rich is
on the way. Saturday we may make our first trip to UNH to see their final football game of the season and visit with
Brent Bell (Beth and Holden as well). Good teaser for our Sunday trip to Foxboro to battle the Colts who beat us on my
first game ever for which I’ve never really had proper revenge. So that’s part of the busy anyhow.

Meanwhile life is pretty good excepting my youthful desire to get in more work and play. I’m hopeful Dad let’s us take
a trip downtown next Tuesday just to give me some work and to let us appreciate the pre-Thanksgiving push. I promise
to only pull on the harness if I absolutely need to get him quickly out of some location.

So well wishes to you all and see you in a week or so when my annual thanksgiving post is sure to arrive. Plus I still
haven’t told you that Powderhouse sent us a copy of the pilot they sent to Animal Planet which sadly is not expected to
air before the new year :( It’s internal use only but it’s pretty fun – Ethan was very good and of course aside from
the bog bridge mud bath scene I looked great! Any questions for me?

Mighty Quinn

I’m a Canidae Celebrity?!

Sure Tracy is now Mom officially and Dad is now hitched officially but I’m a Canidae Celebrity:
Guide Dog “Quinn” Helps Blind Hiker Scale Mountains

It’s a pretty amazing article from the people who make my food. Now maybe they’ll send me some free samples?! 😉

I do want to give a wedding update but there was so much which took place. I’ll start with our trip to the Margate
Hotel to check in, let me scout the room location and then travel to the boat to practice the wedding. This was mostly
boring but reminded me of the challenges of leading Dad on a ship – even a big 1254 person ship. The good news is only
200 or so were at the wedding which was a little easier to manage except they all were going to pile onto the main deck
and fill up all the spaces.

We all went out to a restaurant with a cool piano player to celebrate the best man’s Birthday as well as settle some
pr-big day jitters for Mom and Dad. This was fun but the real fun was my sleeping in a giant circle of folks at a
lounge allocated just to us back at the Margate. They played “Catch Phrase” with a crew of 20 or so folks and the
laughter never stopped. It’s easy to sleep to Dad’s laughter.

The next morning was Rehearsal brunch, gift sharing and of course more nervousness from Mom and Dad who practiced their
vows all morning. Then the Ladies tended preparations while the men went…to an arcade?!? This did set up the bumber
car missin for post wedding but Dad playing Whack-a-mole (gator), basketball, skeet, driving games and of course a
boxing game (knocking out groomsman Chris) hardly seems the ideal way to prepare for a wedding. I still think the
commuity ticket pooling and ‘Tracy gift’ purchase from an arcade was very risky business!
A little flurry of dressing time worry for Dad and pictures were begun. This was crazy time and I was in my tux
fitting fine and feeling well. I especially loved making Tracy nervous as I led Dad along a dock edge! Things went
fast and Dad was very nervous so I had to be extra careful with him. On the boat my tux was off and I got a break but
when they tried to put it back on me – ouch- it caught in my fur and I said no thank you. Up to the arbor where
contraband petting from Uncle Ray was noted but ignored. Cool lake, 200 friends and family, foliage, mountains and Dad
and Tracy in love as the sun neared setting. Yes they did get wed at precisely 5:40 and yes they were cute in their
nervousness. Dad did sing Annie’s song with a few word revisions and then up to the top deck for greeting and
sunsetting! It was a beautiful sunset with light clouds going through the hues to light fire to the sky as it set.

Dinner, dancing, toasts and laughter. The rings from Rachel designed by Mom and Dad for them were amazing. Tracy cannot
believe how good the cake looked and an edible QUinn complete with Tug Toy was there courtesy of Jeff and Deb’s amazing
Cake creations. In short a boring night under the table for me until the walk out and perilous bumper car ride for
which Varju/Sarah watched me as I watched in horror at Dad’s ‘driving!’

Then a night at the bonfire with a Shelia and Cathy blanket to keep me warm…otherwise a ho-hum normal weekend. Sorry
for the typo approach but I have to rush this as the folks at 2020 vision quest are all about their final big event of
the season – check them out at:

Mighty Q

Wedding Bells!

Yes I’m delinquent again but with the impending wedding of Mom (!) and Dad on the morrow it’s been tough to get
computer time. Hard to believe that as we approach my fourth anniversary with Dad, he’s approaching his zero
anniversary with Tracy! I met Dad on October 19 and here he is, with me as best dog, preparing for his wedding. It’s
amazing how much has transpired since we’ve been together. I’ve put my full paw stamp of approval on the wedding and
look forward to celebrating with them and many friends and family.

I probably should be providing some tales of our many recent adventures but Dad is pushing for me to pack up some toys
for the trip and get ready to depart. So let me just wish both my Dad and Mom a hearty congratulations on their
wedding. We already have a tremendously happy family here and while their ceremony will be moving in all that mushy
loving way, I really think everything remains the same as well. We have a loving happy home with plenty of play and
lots of play and fun between all of us. I’m one proud and lucky pup!

So as Canadian Thanksgiving gets celebrated, Columbus Day or just the foliage delights – think of a well wish nearly as
strong as mine for our happy family union this Sunday!

the Mighty Quinn

PS Happy Birthday Rob Webber – Best Man perhaps but I’m still holding him accountable for the Zip line and Rope course
peril of two weekends ago!

Holy Missing Months!

Dad listens to a song entitled “End of the Summer” a fair bit and particularly at this time of year since indeed our
summer is slipping into history. We’ll hold off our nostalgia for a few more weeks when Autumn really inspires but
having been a month (almost) in the posting of an entry, I figure I should do some reflection.

Hiking updates are usually found out on our still developing 2020 vision Quest website and as such I’ll keep them
minimal here. I will say that our new video loads on the front page and is pretty marvelous. The long form is now in
our possession and will be available to you very very soon! It’s yet another chance to see my work in some inspiring

Since Mt. Washington there has been a lot of excitement around here. I’ve led Dad successfully up Mt Hale, Tom, Field
and even a jaunt up Cannon with a film crew doing a very different and very cool project. The details are still secret
on that point but if all goes well I may get some major television time!! Sadly some of that Cannon film will be of
Dad pushing me into the quagmire at the Lonesome Lake Bog bridges. He says it was an accident but good luck to him when
we repeat our Cannon ascent in the future as the film crew involvement meant we could not descend. They realize now how
legitimate our challenge and work has become! Most of the crew had to bail out and take the tram to meet us at the
summit but what a great group of folks! I’ll post more when the details can be released.

We actually had even bigger news as Dad and Tracy took me to ride the MS Mt. Washington and while there decided the
offer was good we would return and repeat a cruise on October 10 of this year. This time the trip would be all formal
and as Dad said he would make tracy legitimately his future ex-fiance! A wedding on the ship in the full splendor of
fall foliage aboard this fun ship with mountains surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee! Yeah that’s not a sentence but I’m
excited so forgive me! I loved the ship and feeling the breeze with a schmorgasboard of scents abounding. We even had
fireworks as we docked and I wagged intensely as I studied the sky and excitedly nudged Dad to tell him about it.

As you might guess the wedding work in addition to the 2020 work has meant way less time for me to use the computer.
I’ll try to wrangle it from him more often but in the meanwhile will keep using my twitter account to keep more regular

Life is good and I’m a happy and energetic Quinn ready to return to all things fall: visits to schools, cool morning
walks and of course football!

So – anyone still out here after my hiatus? Drop me a yop comment or send me email:

A Five Mile Walk in the Woods – One Mile Straight up!

Let us be clear first and foremost that I am not some form of Guiding Eyes Goat! That said some of you might have
heard about our project on WBZ TV

or the Nashua telegraph:

The telegraph gave us front page above the fold coverage which is simply incredible! They also included some great
video of me working to guide Dad up the Wompac trail and that is worth the watch if you can spare the time to see our
teamwork in action!

So all the forecasting aside we also had WMUR Weather (thanks Kevin) giving us the steadfast reports of what to expect
even though Dad double checked daily on the Mount Washington Observatory Summit reports. We were going to climb the
fierce and fatal Washington but at least it would be July 4. Oh yes, did you hear it snowed up there on July 1?!?!!

We have our 2020 vision quest project and I’m really pretty proud of my frequent top billing. Google Analytics say I’m
not top dog over there so maybe you should all go check out my tail at:
It is true that I’ve made a single blog post there and intend to write another but you guys still loyal over here will
get my first report.

The heat wave was heading for a collision course as we escaped on Friday morning to trek North Past the Pemigewassit
Wilderness, through the Franconia Notch and then due east after Twin Mountain so we could reach the western edge of
Mount Washington. We stopped slightly short as the AMC Highland Center was our destination. We were their guests for
the night in exchange for Dad giving an hour long presentation on our Hiking Experiences and goals. Tracy had some of
our video work to showcase my talent and support his talk. The place was vibrant with hiking and I was getting excited
even before we started. People during the presentation really marveled at my ability and there were many quality
questions on our messages. Best of all we had escaped the heat wave though it was coming to the area.

Saturday July 3 was my relax day and so we only took a ride out to the trailhead for Rippley Falls where I had to Guide
dad up a stretch of narrow ledge to a river gorge with a very tough descent. There he tossed on his new TevaItunda
Water shoes and waded into the stream without me. I looked on disapprovingly as he appreciated the work of hiking with
his pack full and testing the weight. It was over 40 pounds and probably closer to 50 but we’d worked pretty well up
through the trail. Even I will admit it was pleasant enough for 100 foot water hurling itself down the mountainside at
unsuspecting dogs!

After the hike back and a short shuttle back to the Highland Center we toured the grounds and basked in Adirondack
chairs surrounded by mountain scents and scenery on a cool and perfect day. Soon our crew of friends arrived and there
were meetings for hiking, documentary work and general socializing. Really a pretty good night despite my not getting
any play and a sneaking suspicion my boots were not far away.

Sunday it began full swing as we all trekked out to the base of this path called the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail. it’s been
in use since 1915 and yet they still haven’t made it very wide or very clear. They did make it very steep! There was
no delay, my boots were put onto my feet early and while I didn’t like it much I know that it protects my pads if we
hit sharp rock. So the first 2.1 miles is just deep old woods and really pretty exciting. I led Dad well enough but
there were some crazy rocks all over and since we had a different crew there was some learning in how they might
advance warn me to warn Dad. Usually I just handle it all but there are times when a new person comes into the mix and
shares pertinent information. Each trail type can be different and it took some work to adjust. We had some cool
moments like the Air Force and Army soldiers carrying the flag down from the summit. I know a little bout the Service
Industry albeit Service Animal but I still appreciate the notion of those who work for the benefit of others and the
soldiers count very high there!

Anyhow, this was Mount Washington and it was going to get very challenging right after we reached the gem pool. This
was a nifty small cascade into a broad pool that I wanted to use as a swimming hole to cool off because the heat had
started to arrive and my boots might also get lost in the water. I was foiled in the attempt but I did get to alert
them that my front left paw had a claw sticking out of the boot just enough to get twisted. Kara noticed and a little
work later had me tucked back in better but now it squeezed right on the sore spot. I worked through this as we
climbed an lot of stairs. Led Zeppelin’s song has nothing on this stretch! The nice thing is that it cooled, the hard
thing is Dad tends to miss the small steps as we go up because they are out of line or too small for his size 14 foot.
As such I end up having to wait for him to take a lot of three foot high steps and he gets tired doing this. We did
really well though and as we got to our first overlook and he took a break I was still ready to go. We hit the Avocado
cascades and I was still ready to go. After we that the section of hand and foot scrambles I wanted a break to rest my
paw and besides we had so many stream crossings that my long wet and irritated foot was not the problem, the slippery
bottom of the Ruffware was the issue on hard scrambles. I need a second pair to ensure I can have a dry boot ready to
go at all times!

One thing I guess I have to address is that when Dad puts me in a sit and stay while he climbs up something on hands
and feet, I not only worry for him but I’m eager to race to his side. I don’t tend to worry so much about the route as
just charging straight line to him with my conquer any mountain approach. Dave really observed this and we put me into
a heal with Tracy when it was scramble that I couldn’t lead Dad.

I did lead him the final rounds to the Lake of the Clouds Hut and got those danged boots off my feet gloriously!
People checked in quickly and I got a much needed nap after 8 hours of pretty steady Guide work up the toughest
mountain I’d yet undertaken…well most of the way. Kara had led Dad a bit and she did pretty well. I watched her
learn and was reasonably comfortable though I did still give her a few dirty looks of course.

Dad checked out my paw which was ok and told me I would be staying with Tracy while he did a very short trip for a
couple hours up to the summit of Mt. Monroe. I had a good meal and so was ready for this break if he didn’t need me.
I might not have been happy with anyone other than Tracy but it was good. When I’ve worked that hard I like to make up
for the amount of work with a double dose of sleep and that’s what I did. I slept until Dad returned and then greeted
him properly. I then slept through dinner, team meetings, the cold windy sunset viewing though admittedly that was
worth a bit of my attention and ultimately I even slept through the fireworks of an entire state far beneath us and
over the wide landscape. I even slept through the night which Dad hasn’t done for a bit too long now. I’m sure my
sleeping bag helped as I was snug and comfy warm up at the Lake of the Clouds.

The next morning I put on 2 hours and 45 minutes of near perfect work up terrain like we’ve never seen. It was rock
strewn wasteland for all of it. We were above the tree line and seemingly above everything as I just kept showing Dad
the deep crevices, the loose rocks, the right steps, the knee breaking rocks in narrow passes. All the while doing
some of my best work. All with boots on my back paws but none on my front because that was better than pressure on the
hurt claw that didn’t touch the ground anyhow. When we hit the summit to a gravel path I was ready to race everyone to
the pin I had so much energy from the spirit in the entire group. It was pretty amazing. I know Bill Irwin and his
Guide Orient did this journey though not up the Ammonoosuc Ravine trail. Still I had done something incredible and we
were atop the highest peak in all of New England. Home of the worst weather wasn’t so bad on this day but the terrain
was every bit as challenging as promised and I was ready for more!

That’s my abridged trip report. You want more detail? Watch for my blog post on the 2020 site. You got my excitement
first though and I’m one happy and talented pup!

Mighty Quinn
PS – Paw and claw are just fine!

Mile High Mayhem

Good Morning!

It’s Wednesday and I’m preparing for my stint on WOKQ this morning – and of course the Q is for Quinn! The Morning
crew invited us to join them at 8:40 and with all the hub-bub of the 2020 Vision Quest we’ve been getting plenty of
press. From that fantastic piece on WBZ TV:

This video features me extensively and why not!? In just four days we’ll be hiking up the slopes of Mount Washngton to
hopefully summit appropriately enough on Independence Day. Probably most dogs would find this no mean feat but when
you have to take responsibility for the well being of the blind part of our partnership, it’s impressively
daunting.There is plenty of video and pictures for my work on our climbing thus far and two themes are going to be
evident. The first is how much I love my work and take pride in our accomplishments. The second is my intense look of
conventration at every point. I really take my job seriusly and have as one of my strengths tremendous ability to
focus. Now I don’t want to hurt my elbow patting myself on the back but I thought it fair to highlight what you might
see. After all a Guide Dog is often called a Seeing Eye Dog even if they have the trademark for that in New Jersey.
Point is there is lots of media out there and more coming so please take a look at my resume and drop me a line.

So our website is really pretty well launched at this point. If you search around:
you will likely find many gems with more to come steadily. There is even a rival blog there and my first post is
expected to arrive upon it this week. It has a lot of guest writers and I’m going to be one of them. Fear not though
I am not leaving my primary blog! I’m told on that page I have to mostly keep it on topic for the big project but hear
I have freedom. Yep freedom like Robin Williams rolling on his back in the grass in the Fisher King…at least I think
that was the movie but since I wasn’t born then give me a little slack here.

So we also had a great piece on WZID last Sunday morning and that may appear on our site in the next few days as well.
The Nashua Telegraph and I became good friends with a long piece set to air on the day we hit Mount Washington, Sunday
July 4! The Monadnock Ledger gave us some page 2 props and Ability Magazine has a three page add (on page 54 no less)
to highlight my work. It’s a lot of attention and hopefully our project and my work are well worth it. As you can
see from all of this, I’m one busy dog and I hope you all understand why I’ve been a little slower to post again. My
goal of a post each week returns after our Washington trip so watch for it and in the meanwhile check out 2020 Vision
Quest’s page where you can get a more steady update of our progress.

Did I mention we are doing a presentation at the Highland Center on Friday? Phew!

Mighty WOK Quinn!

Teva Blogs too!?!

Tuesday already? Where did last week go for this busy pup who had a final day of UNH pemi trip to finish amongst the
many other worldly details? For that matter perhaps I better skip the word detail having heard about the poor Doberman
world of de-tail!

The truth of my delays is Dad has been entirely hogging the computer time for his own purposes. He did upload a
blog/video blog for Teva and it can be found at:

It talks about our Saturday trip with Kim, Todd, John and of course Tracy. We went back to Pack-Monadnock, the
Mountain upon which I made my first Mountain Hiking lead for Dad. We were already well ahead of the last year climb
in efficiency as back then I had to make it up as we went. Now I’m a little more experienced and Dad’s starting to
understand me more fully on the mountains. We were faster and with fewer challenges by far and that despite a steady
rain which began shortly after we started and lasted until we ended our trip (it figures!). I could and should say a
lot more about the hike since the video cast showcases only me in the back of the Saturn View as Dad put on my boots
and talked a little about the return to the Beginning. Once we hit the rain there was no photography or video work
being done.

I will say I was one wet dog when we hit the shelter atop the mountain. I was still proud of my work though since Dad
didn’t have any slips on the wet rocks which added to the challenge. John had asked if the slippery rocks would make
me change my decisions and I showed him very clearly the answer was yes. I think I earned my kibble for sure even
though at the top of the mountain the group decided to take the road off the mountain and we cruised it in 20 minutes
of steep but easy walking. We met some folks runnin it and that gave me an idea but Dad did make me keep the speed in
check for all involved. So anyhow, I still think you should check out the Teva site and catch me stylin’ in my boots
even if I do protest for a few minutes every time I have to wear them.

More of Dad’s PC hogging work involved the news that officially today was the contract approval that gives our new
non-Profit Charity Fiscal Sponsorship. This means as of tomorrow morning when the contract is signed the project can
take tax-exempt donations as befits their 501-C-3 status. It’s big news for him but as it’s an all vollunteer
organization I don’t get to score extra Charlee Bears or anything. Still if you haven’t been to our site it’s worth
making the trip to:

So how about I quickly recount the final day of our Pemigewasset Wilderness hike. We woke early and I had used my
sleeping bag for the first and only time on the warm weather trip. There are photos of me, mostly nose only, using the
sleeping bag. If you want to see those I suggest you go check out Dad on facebook and you’ll eventually find your way
to those pictures. Yes Dad now has a facebook account which is probably another reason the computer time was more
restricted for me! So we woke and with amazing efficiency packed up everything. This was made more efficient by the
choice to not boil water or run the cook stoves at all. Folks were effectively out of the Woods and they knew it. We
met the van with only minimal coordination difficulties as cell pones weren’t getting signal for everyone in the area.
Matt picked us up and the gear was all loaded while a final tick check found a dog tick on Dad. Brent took care of it
and since it wasn’t a deer tick there’s no big worry for him. I think I’ll be happier about my Front Line treatments
in the future as I remained tick free! On the van ride back we did get stopped by Border patrol who apparently do this
blockade on Memorial Day weekend every year. They needed to inspect the van so it was good that Matt recalled to warn
them so they weren’t surprised by my sleeping location between Dad and the double doors! They let us pass with ease
and soon we had Dunkin Donuts for Dad and restrooms for all who wished them – me included.

Back at UNH gear was collected and cleaned while I napped out in the sun. Tracy arrived, everyone said farewell and
there was a little sadness knowing that group was unlikely to ever travel together again. We had gone through so much
together that didn’t seem right. Still some of them will hopefully make a few future hikes with us.

My journey didn’t end there though. Instead of going home as a reasonable person might, Dad had made arrangements to
drive to Hampton BBeach and meet up with our friend Kathy from Colorado. Every memorial day she takes the polar plunge
into the Atlantic’s icy waters. Fortunately Dad did not want my paw having to deal with sand or salt and he did the
plunge with her and Tracy but not with me. I personally thought they were crazy but they seemed to have fun and salt
water Dad was better than six days of hiking Dad in the olfactory department!! They talked a lot more and still got me
and my paw home to fully heal in a day of rest over the long Memorial Day weekend.

That’s sort of an anticlimactic end to the Pemigewasset trip. Still I think the videos and stories tell a quality
tale. I’m sorry there weren’t more comments but it was quality news and I’m gearing up for my next big hiking reports.
Dad says we are going to hike Canon in a couple of weeks as our final tune up for Mount Washington which is in just 19
days from today! You’ll always get to catch my blogs here and also I’ll be writing on the 2020 blog to be released
soon though I have to talk only about 2020 things when I do that. I’m letting Dad handle all the Teva blogs but they
will have many cool pictures and vids of me so I’ll let you know when those come around.

Last shout out to my many friends on Twitter where my friends list includes many pups and people as we expand our
community. Check us out when you can!

The Mighty Quinn